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The Power to Imagine Better

The Power To Imagine Better

About the Program

Most companies spend a lot of time and usually do a pretty good job of defining their brands, but do they really push beyond the status quo and discover their full brand potential in order to meaningfully connect with their customers? After working with many different brands over a long career in advertising, Phil will share some thoughts on how to push your brand beyond the expected and how to uncover new ideas in relatively simple ways.


By attending this luncheon, participants will:

  • Learn why it can be beneficial to challenge the status quo.
  • Learn how to uncover fresh ideas and solutions from new angles.
  • Receive a few tips for better brainstorming.
  • Hear several examples of fresh perspective ideation in action.

Event Details

Date: September 25, 2018
Time: 11:15am to 1:00pm

Lidia’s Italian Restaurant
  101 W 22nd St.
Kansas City, MO 64108 [MAP]


This event is open to members and non members of AMA. For those purchasing tickets with the membership discount, membership will be checked at the door. 

Limited Student Scholarships are available. Click here if you’re interested.

Meet Our Speaker

Phil Bressler

Founder, Latch

Phil is a marketing/branding consultant and also founder and president of niche marketing firm Latch – An Idea Company. He has spent most of his career in Kansas City with Bernstein-Rein, Barkley and as a co-owner of MBB+ Advertising. His career has also taken him to Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City and Chicago where he worked with a wide range of companies from small
local businesses, to non-profit organizations, to multi-billion dollar retail brands. These brands include McDonald’s, Quaker State, PepsiCo, Sonic Drive-In, and many others. Phil is also an adjunct professor for the Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program at KU Edwards.


About the Brand

From Local Communities to the Game’s Highest Level

Latch helps companies identify innovative business and marketing opportunities based on our unique approach to discovering meaningful consumer insight. Our mission is to help companies reach their full potential. We do that by looking at problems and opportunities through a fresh, unbiased, non-cynical lens. Our secret sauce is the intentional make up of our team – bright, young marketers who have a fresh outlook and solve business problems in new ways. While this team is the driver of most of the ideation, they are guided by experienced marketing professionals.The end result for our clients is insight, specific ideas and action plans that lead to business-building connections with customers.


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